We offer the finest car wax, polish, compound, car accessories, car care tips and detailing services available for the most demanding customers.

The finest car wax, polish, compound, car accessories, car care tools, techniques, and knowledge base offered to you is a culmination of years of sweat, trial & error, late night experimentation and research so that we can bring to you the most effective car detailing products and services available. Unlike most companies in our field, we don’t sit behind a desk typing up pretty catalog pages and touting their products as “the best”. Our car detailing products and techniques have been and are continually perfected on some of the most exotic automobiles in the world owned by some of the most discriminating people.

We have tried and tested virtually every car wax, polish, compound and detailing product on the consumer and professional market. Due to their shortcomings, we were inspired to develop a lineup that is second to none for the restoration, enhancement and protection of your automotive passion and pride. Whether you are interested in our auto detailing services to maintain your automotive pride and joy or want to do it yourself as a form of zen, we strive to be your source for auto detailing services, car wax, polish, compound and technical guidance.


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